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Real estate transactions can present many issues to businesses, buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants. These transactions and disputes are governed by various statutes and laws that govern:

  • Acquisition
  • Financing
  • Development
  • Management
  • Construction
  • Leasing
  • Buying and selling

The logistics and nuances of these issues are extremely complicated. First-time buyers can be overwhelmed and may not know how to protect themselves. In fact, seasoned professionals regularly leverage the comprehensive knowledge of an attorney to assist them in completing a transaction while working toward an ideal outcome. Complex real estate laws, drafting and negotiating contracts, liens and title defects, negotiating repairs, and scheduling closings are just a few of the many aspects of real estate law that can compromise a transaction or cost thousands of dollars.

Similarly, landlord-tenant disputes, boundary line disputes, or other real estate disputes have nuanced laws to which all parties must adhere. Failure to do so can result in exposure to significant legal liability and can cost thousands.

Our significant experience in both residential and commercial real estate issues prepares us to work on cases involving:

  • Real estate buy-sell disputes and litigation
  • Lease negotiation, drafting and review
  • Real estate purchase contract negotiation, drafting and review
  • Boundary line disputes
  • Easement
  • Construction defects
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Unlawful detainer/eviction
  • Partition
  • Mechanic's liens
  • Lis pendens
  • Eminent domain

Throughout any process or legal issue you are facing, our service will focus on your financial and legal well-being. We will work directly with you so that you understand your rights and obligations and can take the ideal steps to resolve any issues efficiently and effectively.

To schedule an initial consultation to discuss legal issues with our real estate attorney, call 626-821-9094 or email A.H. CHAN LAW FIRM.

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